Formulating the Marketing Plan (A_S3M4)

This module develops high-level mastery in marketing skills and professional conduct required for market planning in diverse marketing contexts using: Segmentation, Value Proposition and Target Market; Product Life Cycle and Product Strategy; Segmentation and Targeting; Positioning Market Offering; Pricing Products for the Market; Channels and Distribution; Promotion and Brand Advertising; Direct Marketing; Business Development and Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM).

This section focuses on formulating the marketing plan.

The section includes:
• Segmentation, Value Proposition and Target Market
• Product Life Cycle and building a product strategy
• Segmentation and targeting– Geography, Consumer Behaviour and Cultures
• Positioning your market offering
• Pricing your product for the market
• Channels and Distribution
• Promotion and Brand Advertising
• Business development and Customer relationship marketing (CRM)

Each of these functions are essential to formulating an effective marketing plan. The marketing mix has many acronyms but the 4 P’s and extended marketing mix 7 P’s seem to be the most common. In recent times, marketing has evolved these functions have evolved to include digital marketing and channels and customer relationship management.

Upon the completion of this module, users will be able to:
• Critically evaluate and synthesize information to demonstrate research skills, and initiative in designing competitive positioning, branding and marketing strategies for real world events.

TIME: Up to 2 Hours

• No prerequisites.
• No materials distributed.
• No formal assessments required.
  • S3. Marketing - Lecture 4 - Formulating the Marketing Plan – Building Components
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever