Financial Accounting #1 (D_S6M2)

Our Accounting for Managers: 01. Accounting and Commerce Reporting Essentials course is designed to introduce the fundamentals of financial and management accounting, viewed through the lens of a business manager. The focus is on the critical evaluation of accounting information contained in financial statements and the application of key cost and management accounting techniques in daily business decisions. This course adopts a managerial and analytical approach to the financial aspects of business management, covering accounting principles, the accounting equation, the accounting cycle, double-entry accounting, types of accounts, accrual accounting, IFRS, and GAAP. By the end of this course, you will have broadened your understanding and skills in accounting fundamentals. Training in this discipline can pave the way for more opportunities for career advancement and allow you to explore some of the exciting career options available in this field.

Accounting for Managers: 01. Accounting and Commerce Reporting Essentials is Part 1 of the 5-part extended Accounting for Managers series presented by Sentinel|9. It features lecture-style videos, real-world case studies, downloadable materials, and self-knowledge quizzes. Gain valuable skills to help you manage your company and grow professionally by taking this course alongside others in the series.

Upon the completion of this module, users will be able to:
• Master Core Accounting Principles: Acquire and apply fundamental accounting principles, ensuring accurate organizational financial management.
• Evaluate Financial Statements Analytically: Critically interpret financial statements to understand and strategize based on business performance.
• Implement Management Accounting Techniques: Employ key management accounting techniques to guide business decisions and align with organizational objectives.
• Ensure Compliance with Accounting Standards: Adhere to and apply IFRS and GAAP in financial reporting to ensure legal compliance and global comparability.
• Make Informed Business Decisions: Utilize accounting insights to make strategic business decisions, manage risks, and identify growth opportunities.
• Apply Knowledge to Real-world Scenarios: Utilize case studies to apply theoretical knowledge, enhancing problem-solving and strategic planning skills.

TIME: Up to 2 Hours

• No prerequisites.
• No materials distributed.
• No formal assessments required.
  • Accounting for Managers: 02. Financial Accounting Fundamentals
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever